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Smart Toilet Features and Benefits

A smart toilet is a fully integrated toilet with built-in smart technologies, or biometric technology capable of linking and interacting with the individual. These toilets are commonly located in top-of-the-line luxury homes in major cities around the globe and in other high tech areas. The term smart refers to the fact that this type of toilet is made to work with a series of small electronic components that interact with one another to provide an extremely smooth and advanced cleaning process. These types of toilets also provide several levels of automated functioning including temperature control, water pressure, lighting, water volume, and waste removal and all of these functions can be controlled by one unit that acts as a controller. A smart toilet will allow its owner to sit back and relax and let the system take care of all of the functions of the toilet while they take a shower or use the restroom.

Ecoair systems may have many different uses including controlling the flushing of the toilet, controlling the temperature of the bathroom water, and many other things. Some of the features a smart toilet will have included an electronic bidet toilet seat, multiple jets for cleaning, the ability to turn off the lights in the bathroom, control water flow at the tap, and many more. This bathroom accessory also will come with an integrated camera, a pressure sensor, and thermometer built into its remote control. All of these things make the smart toilet an excellent bathroom for the elderly and disabled, those with limited mobility, or those who have problems using the traditional toilet.

The biggest benefit to these types of toilets is the way how they work. Most traditional flushing toilets only flush by means of a spade or a plunger attached to the bottom of the toilet. After the flushed contents reach the drain, you simply empty the bowl and place it back. These kinds of toilets do not have a bladder, thus the need to have a spade connected to the bottom of the toilet. While this does allow for sufficient flushing, it does not eliminate the need to have someone assist you in turning the water on and off as well as doing the final flushing action.

With an interactive smart toilet, you don't have to worry about having someone else assist you in these tasks. The built-in smart flushing system will do the flushing for you. The electric valve on the side of the toilet also allows you to control the flow of the water, preventing your bathroom from becoming messy from the overflowing toilet bowl.

Another added benefit is the fact that most smart toilets have a built-in seat. Unlike a standard toilet seat, a smart toilet seat is designed to be a practical feature in any bathroom. With the seat included, there is no longer the need to buy special sized seats, and this can save a great deal of money. Most smart toilets seat will recline, which also saves space.

One of the most common complaints about smart toilets is that they don't have an automatic dryer. If you are wondering if your home needs an automatic dryer, most homes do, but the built-in dryer on the smart toilet models may not be as powerful as a built-in model. Also, the dryer is sometimes buried under the tank of the toilet, which can cause problems when trying to use the dryer. There is typically an option on these models to add a cord-less hair dryer, which is a nice extra feature. An alternative post for more info on the topic here:

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